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  • Graduate Software Engineer


    • As a graduate software engineer at IMC, you will.
    • Develop cutting-edge technology in advanced networks and algorithms.
    • Support the development of our trading platform and software stack.
    • Gain experience across the entire software development lifecycle.
    • Collaborate with traders, quants and hardware engineers to improve our systems.

    Required Skills

    • Advanced analytical skills and a desire to solve complicated problems programmatically.
    • Good knowledge of algorithms and data structures.
    • Proficient in a programming language (Java or C++ preferred).
    • A shared interest in financial markets, though no prior knowledge or experience is required.
    • You want to connect agile software development with continuous integration and daily releases.
    • You value frequent peer code reviews.
    • You’re seeking a supportive, collaborative culture based on continuous improvement and innovation.
    • You want to make a real impact, working on meaningful projects from day one.
    • You value early responsibility and the freedom to find your niche and excel.

    Salary Pay Scale

    • 6 LPA


    • Mumbai


    • Freshers/Experience 


    • 2024 and before

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