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  • Customer Service New Associate

Key Responsibilities

  • Aligned with our Customer Support vertical, you will assist in managing and resolving customer queries, handling escalations and complaints, and providing optimal resolutions to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Your responsibilities also include closing faults and complaints within SLAs, emphasizing effective communication and a strong understanding of Customer Support metrics.
  • Proficiency in communication and a solid grasp of Customer Support metrics are essential qualifications for this role.
  • In this position, you will primarily solve routine problems by referring to established precedents and general guidelines.
  • Your primary interaction will be within your own team and with your direct supervisor.
  • Detailed instructions will guide your tasks, and your decisions will primarily impact your own work, closely supervised by management.


  • Any Graduation

Salary Pay Scale

  • 37K Per Month (Expected)


  • 0 - 1 (Years)


  • Work From Home/ Office

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