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  • Analyst/ Data Analyst

Key Responsibilities for Analyst 

  • Participate in the daily production schedule, adhering to a Monday-Friday working schedule aligned with US Eastern Standard Time (EST).
  • Maintain tracking sheets and conduct daily collection of content.
  • Process and assist in the classification of data, performing quality checks and generating defined reports while adhering to established business rules, procedures, delivery schedules, and Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • Foster a culture focused on identifying root causes to ensure comprehensive resolution of escalations and classification issues.
  • Conduct tests, meticulously documenting test results.
  • Provide consistent and transparent updates on tickets using tracking tools.
  • Identify opportunities for procedural enhancement to optimize efficiency.
  • Perform quality checks to uphold data integrity for clients and downstream systems.
  • Investigate and analyze data discrepancies.
  • Maintain comprehensive knowledge of defined procedures, delivery schedules, and SLAs to ensure adherence.
  • Ensure the quality of assigned work by following current Quality Assurance (QA) standards and leveraging established data relationships and calculations.
  • Offer input on business requirements for system enhancements.

Key Responsibilities of  Data Analyst

  • Collaborate with the Quality Office and cross-functional teams to gain a comprehensive understanding of Gracenote data flows and offer insights into the data quality across Video, Music, and Sports client domains.
  • Employ various tools to develop modular code and refine data queries sourced from multiple databases, data warehouses, and data lakes. Utilize these queries for data analysis, visualization, and addressing both client and internal inquines.
  • Integrate, compile, validate, and distribute data from diverse systems to present feasibility assessments and data quality recommendations to stakeholders, addressing their specific business inquiries.
  • Analyze and verify data quality metrics and thresholds, implementing quality measures, reports, and dashboards to monitor and evaluate metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for GN Content. Thoroughly document all reporting and analysis projects.


  • Bachelor’s/ Master's Degree

Salary Pay Scale 

  • 5.4 - 8.6 LPA (Expected)


  • Freshers/ Experienced


  • Work From Home (Remote)

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